петак, 24. децембар 2010.

YLE test online teaching via LeWiNoW

Young Learners English tests are Cambridge ESOL exams for children aged 7-12. Since the process of preparing young learners (YL) for this exam is real fun, both for them and for their teachers, I started creating a YLE teaching resource site which would enable kids practise English at home, either on their own or with their parents.

Practice English ? Hmmm...
Sounds boring. Doesn't it?

An idea: What about playing dumb and letting your kids teach you English? I've had such fun with my YLs while using LeWiNoW for Movers YLE level, for example. They tell me what to do, ask me questions and pretend to be teachers (while I make mistakes - ALWAYS with chunks of language they are confident about).

Sometimes we enjoy creating stuff, such as VoxoPop audios, sketchcasts for YLE speaking part or even teaching videos in classes:o)

Teaching English is wonderful :o)